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Ashgrove Historical Society Inc.

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Welcome to the Ashgrove Historical Society's website. Ashgrove is an inner suburb of Brisbane (Australia). We hope you have a wonderful time exploring Ashgrove's past through the resources you will find here.  If you would like to add to the Society's collection, please contact the secretary.  We are able to scan documents and images and return originals to you promptly.  We welcome visitors to our monthly presentations and hope you will consider becoming a member of this vibrant society.

The Ashgrove Historical Society Inc. was incorporated as the Ashgrove-The Gap Heritage Association Inc. in 1999. It was re-launched as the Ashgrove Historical Society Inc. in May 2003 with new objects reflecting its changed role and focus.

Membership is open to all those people who have an interest in ensuring the history of Ashgrove and its historic features are not lost to time. The Society’s vision is broad, reflecting the full range of interests of its members from serious to social, all set within the context of preserving and recording the suburb’s history.

The Society aims to research, record, preserve, inform and generally entertain and entrance all those who join its ranks. Applicants for membership are welcome whether they bring nothing more than an interest in its aims, or those particular skills and experience that will allow its historical goals to be well met. It is a member of History Queensland Inc.

 Objects of the Society


10:00 am first Saturday of each month

Numbers are currently limited due to Covid-19 restrictions at the library. If you wish to attend you must register first with the secretary.

Saturday 10 April 2021:  Ashgrove:  a Suburb of Churches, presented by Thom Blake.

Saturday 1 May 2021:  to be advised

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Ashgrove Historical Society Inc.

ABN 85 369 822 992

Postal Address: PO Box 355, Ashgrove, Qld 4060

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