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  • ArtS1 Grove Estate Plan 1888

    Advertisement for auction sale of lots in Grove Estate, on Saturday 4th February 1888.
    AHS archive no - AHS146

  • ArtS2 Grove Estate map c. 1900

    Grove Estate plan, c.1900. 

  • ArtS3 Ashgrove scouts 1909

    Ashgrove scouts, 1909
    AHS archive no: - 915

  • ArtS3 Seils Dairy Delivery Van 1930s

    Seils Dairy Milk Delivery Van, 1930s, a 1926 Willy’s Whippet,  owned by Seils' Dairy, Toomba Avenue, Ashgrove.  Milk was carried in the Dicky seat. 
    Source:  Neil & Jeanette Seils.

  • ArtS4 Waterworks Road, 1924

    Section of Waterworks Road showing the rough condition of the roadway.  1924.
    John Oxley Library digital image #201390

  • ArtS5 Old St Finbarrs Church Hall 1926

    Old St Finbarrs Church Hall,  Scan, 1926
    AHS Archive No: AHS523

  • ArtS6 Padmore Butcher Ashgrove Crescent c.1946

    WA Padmore, Quality Butcher, Ashgrove Crescent, c. 1946. 
    Source:  Desley Drevins.
    AHS Archive No: 559

  • ArtS7 Tram at Ashgrove West terminus, 1951

    Toast-rack tram No. 65 at the Ashgrove West tram terminus, in front of the Ashgrove West Uniting Church. 1969.

  • ArtS8 Grantuly Ashgrove

    Grantuly, the home of John Killough Stewart, son of Alexander Stewart of Glenlyon House.

Ashgrove Men's Hockey Club


Ashgrove Men’s Hockey Club existed prior to the 2nd World War and was a highly respected club within the Brisbane competition. 

Some players of those years were Col Gould, Dave Wilson, Cyril Dreyer, Col Mengel, Arch Bevis, Ed Guy, ‘Frecks’ Bailey, Alan ‘Wow’ Wiltshire, the Jackson brothers, Lew Eade, Mat Bateman, Tom Worley, Abbie Sawyer, Eric Finlayson, Viv Honeyman, the Andrew brothers, Mat McFettrudge.  Meetings were held in the barber’s shop of Dick Telford in the Ashgrove shopping centre.  Meeting of the early Ashgrove club were also held at the Gollan family residence.  Unfortunately,  most of these people have passed on and sincere apologies are offered to those players of whom memory fails me.  During the war years 1939-45, hockey almost ceased and the club went into recess; many members of course went into an arm of the Defence Force.  As the war neared its end, hockey was again started in Brisbane but not under the official organization of the Brisbane Hockey Association.  Club activities were limited but one in particular was to have a huge part in the reforming of the Ashgrove Club.  Alan ‘Wow’ Wiltshire was an active Ashgrove club member to get things started, this would have been circa 1946.  At this time and part of the resurgence of hockey circa 1945, a club of 2 teams was formed and played under the name of ‘Oakleigh Methodist Church Hockey Club’.  This club was formed by the greatly respected teacher Bob Quinn from the Oakleigh State School.  Some remembered names from this club are Harold ‘Lel’ Smith, Ron Elliott, Ron Bevis, Max Beitz, ? ? ,  Dave and Bob Martin, Alan Jarman, Mickey Blake, Nev Nichols, Gerry Watson, Val Hartley, Doug Aitcheson, Charlie Zahner, Harold Lapworth.  Under the guidance of Mr Quinn (Quinnie to everyone) and the reforming of the Ashgrove Club, the Oakleigh club members were advised to secure their hockey future by joining the Ashgrove Club which would welcome such an influx of players.  This was done almost totally, guaranteeing the success of the Ashgrove Hockey Club.  During the early years training was carried out at Gilbert Park, where the Ithaca Bowls Club now stands, every Saturday morning.  Another training ground was Jubilee Park, commonly known as ‘The Dip’.  Eventually the club decided it needed its own headquarters and a lease was sought and obtained at Dorrington Park, Ashgrove.  Many long hard hours were spent by members clearing noxious weeds and bringing the park to become a playable hockey field.

The club made constant use of the Returned Servicemen’s Hall in Ashgrove, (destroyed by fire later on), for meetings and recreational nights and indoor games were played during the week.  This continued to the mid-50s, when the club then found difficulty with a lack of player members due to a number of clubs drawing on players within the same area.  It was then that Arch ‘Pop’ Bevis and his son Ron Bevis decided that an amalgamation with a similar situated club would benefit both clubs.  With this in mind, Ron Bevis approached Don Crispin of the Wilston Club to take back to his club the idea of discussing with them an amalgamation.  It is interesting to note that this initial contact was made following a game at the main oval, exhibition ground, an unusual venue, made possible by lighting being available as it was a night game.  With both agreeing to a discussion, each club decided to form a committee to investigate a possible merger of the two clubs.  Members that constituted the initial committee were:

Wilston:  Fred Wilcox, ‘Blue’ Wilcox, Herb Milton, Wally Howes

Ashgrove:  Noel Robertson, Wally Lake, ‘Pop” Bevis, Ron Bevis.

This committee was given the power, by their clubs, to determine their clubs future.  Their discussions subsequently led to the formation of Northern Suburbs Hockey Club.  The two merging clubs were keen to have some of their ‘old identity’ used in the new club uniform.  The navy blue shirt of Ashgrove and the grey shirt of Wilston were discarded and replaced by sky blue as a compromise.  However, the shirt had a red & black ‘V’ on the front and socks were black with red top, a red ‘N’ was placed on the left breast.  Red represented Wilston and black, Ashgrove.  Shorts were white.  The inaugural meeting of Northern Suburbs Hockey Club was conducted in the Wilston School of Arts in February 1956 and the first executives of the club were elected and were: 

President – Wally Hawes,  Secretary – Ron Bevis, Treasurer – Herb Milton.

The club entered competition in 1956, fielding 5 senior and 4 junior teams and won premierships in B Seniors, J2 & J5 Juniors and runners up in A Reserve.  Dorrington Park remained the clubs home ground and headquarters for the new club.

The Rebels Women’s Hockey Club joined the Norths Club in 1972 and subsequently adopted the Norths name and colours.

The Northern Suburbs Hockey Club Inc is now a well-established and respected club and can boast success both on and off the field with members in Seniors Men’s, Junior Boys, Senior Women’s and Junior Girls.

 PS.  Dick Telford was an Ashgrove identity and a great club supporter, being Patron for many years.  Another identity and club supported was vice-president Bert Turner, MLA.

(Hand written information sent to Nurdon Serico by Ron (Bevis ), and transcribed by Julie Moorhouse (2012).)