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  • ArtS1 Grove Estate Plan 1888

    Advertisement for auction sale of lots in Grove Estate, on Saturday 4th February 1888.
    AHS archive no - AHS146

  • ArtS2 Grove Estate map c. 1900

    Grove Estate plan, c.1900. 

  • ArtS3 Ashgrove scouts 1909

    Ashgrove scouts, 1909
    AHS archive no: - 915

  • ArtS3 Seils Dairy Delivery Van 1930s

    Seils Dairy Milk Delivery Van, 1930s, a 1926 Willy’s Whippet,  owned by Seils' Dairy, Toomba Avenue, Ashgrove.  Milk was carried in the Dicky seat. 
    Source:  Neil & Jeanette Seils.

  • ArtS4 Waterworks Road, 1924

    Section of Waterworks Road showing the rough condition of the roadway.  1924.
    John Oxley Library digital image #201390

  • ArtS5 Old St Finbarrs Church Hall 1926

    Old St Finbarrs Church Hall,  Scan, 1926
    AHS Archive No: AHS523

  • ArtS6 Padmore Butcher Ashgrove Crescent c.1946

    WA Padmore, Quality Butcher, Ashgrove Crescent, c. 1946. 
    Source:  Desley Drevins.
    AHS Archive No: 559

  • ArtS7 Tram at Ashgrove West terminus, 1951

    Toast-rack tram No. 65 at the Ashgrove West tram terminus, in front of the Ashgrove West Uniting Church. 1969.

  • ArtS8 Grantuly Ashgrove

    Grantuly, the home of John Killough Stewart, son of Alexander Stewart of Glenlyon House.

Taylor Range District Scouts - a brief history






Scout Districts in Australia are groups of varying numbers of Scout Groups, set to a geographic area. Taylor Range geographic area comprises the north western edge of Brisbane CBD to the Taylor Range mountain range on the western edge of Brisbane which forms its western boundary.

 Taylor Range District was formed in 1955 it is the oldest scout district in Brisbane North Region. The second oldest district in the region is Charles S Snow District which started 1958.

Taylor Range district was formed following the closing in 1955 of Brisbane North West District which had been operating since 1934. When Brisbane North West District closed in 1955 it comprised of the following scout groups.

1st Bardon


St Johns Wood

New Farm Spastic

2nd Bardon


The Gap

2nd Valley


 2nd Valley and New Farm Spastic moved to Brisbane North District. Oakleigh Scout Group was originally part of Brisbane North District. Oakleigh was moved across to Taylor Range District during this time of redefining District Boundaries.

 The original foundation groups of Taylor Range District are listed below.


1st Bardon


St Johns Wood


2nd Bardon


The Gap



 Scout Groups that have contributed to Taylor Range District history are listed below;


 ·           1st Bardon – Bee St, Bardon - formed 30 June 1935 to Present

·           St Johns Wood – via the Gresham St bridge - formed 9 March 1945 to Present

·           Oakleigh - 15 High Street, Ashgrove - formed 20 June 1950 to Present 

·           The Gap - Grenoble Street, The Gap - formed 10 October 1950 to Present 

·           Ashgrove – Gilbert Part, Fulcher Road, Ithaca - formed 1933 closed 1991 

·           Dorrington - Dorrington Park off Frasers Road - formed 25 September 1953 closed 1970.

·           Jubilee (2nd Bardon) – Jubilee Park, Cecil Rd, Bardon - formed 1954 closed 1971

·           Turaubal – Cnr School & Waterworks, The Gap - formed 1966 closed & merged with Gap 1973

·           St Marks Church -  Kullaroo Street, The Gap - formed 1984 closed 2000

·           Mount Mirrimbul - Riaweena Street, The Gap - formed 1968 closed 2003

Historical documents show Ashgrove commencing in 1908, after three years it went out of existence in 1911 and then reformed again in 1933.  A similar situation had occurred with 1st Bardon it commenced in 1924, after nine years it went out of existence in 1933 then reformed again in 1935.  It appears both groups had a similar issue, they lacked a stable meeting place or firm home.  

 In 1968 The Gap scout group was considered too large, it was a split into two groups The Gap and Mt Murrimbal. A new district was created for the area called Mt Cootha. Mt Cootha District had a very short life span as it closed in 1971. The groups in the short lived Mt Cootha District were The Gap, Mount Mirrumbal, Turaubal. 

 Historical District Commissioners

A district commissioner manages the district with other district representatives. The functions of the District Commissioner is generally to be responsible to the Region Commissioner for the welfare, progress and training of the Movement’s members and for the maintenance of the policy, organisation, and rules of the Association.

Previous historical Taylor Range District Commissioners are listed below;

Start Year 

Finish Year 


References & Comments



Edwin (Sam) Earle

BNWD 1955-56 year book



Theodore (Ted) Muhlberg

1st Taylor Range District Commissioner

Ex Group Scout Master (GL) Jubilee Group



E.G (Ted) Yaxley

Ex Assistant AC to DC Muhlberg 



Theodore (Ted) Muhlberg

Scouts Qld 1963/64 Annual Report



Joseph Leonard Harris

Became Group Scout Master (GL) Dorrington



Alf Cameron

Qld Branch Heritage Unit Leader Records



David C Vick

Brisbane Nth Area (Region) Annual Report



Paul Rosser

Ex Senior Scout (Venturer) leader Bardon



Len Greer

Brisbane Nth Area (Region) Annual Reports



Adrian (Bill) Howie

Ex Group Leader Bardon 1983 / 1984



Robert F Archer

Brisbane Nth Area (Region) Annual Report



Michal Preston

Ex Group Leader of Mt Mirrumbul



John Laing

Ex ASL Oakleigh Scouts 






 2017- Acknowledgements and References;

·         Mark Cavanagh – Researcher - Bardon Scouts Archivist 2010 – 2017

·         Rob Bruce – Ex St Johns Wood Scout & St Johns Wood Scout Group Historian

·         Mike Preston – Ex Taylor Range District Commissioner – 1993 to 2016

·         Ross Wieckhorst – Ex Bardon Scout / Bardon & District Uniformed Leader - 1960  to 2005

  • David Teufel – Qld Branch Commissioner Heritage
  • Ashgrove Historical Society – Cliff Farmer 2005 – Scouting in Ashgrove
  • QBSI Section 1.5District - 06/2016


 (from Mark Cavanagh)